Play/pause stops working and sticky scratch

  • Device model: MacBook pro M1
  • Version of operating system: 14.5
  • Version of djay: 5.1.7
  • Hardware/controllers used: Midi fighter twister

It looks my long standing play/pause and scratch problem, that was kind of manageable, has become worse after installing 5.1.7, or maybe just coincidence. Anyhow, it is now happening often so that it is easy to reproduce. And the problem is:

  • Occasionally, at some moment, after scratching to get the track in position, the play/pause control becomes insensitive, both through midi and on screen. This is the hard part to reproduce.
  • It is possible to start the track by touching the wave form, pfew, the show can go on.
  • From this moment on, play/pause is sensitive again, but …
  • Scratch (midi) stopped working. Yay. But the show can still go on by using the mouse iso scratch
  • If the track is running and the DJ has some peace, dis- and re-connect the controller midi cable and all is fine again.
  • Up to the next happy moment. :sunglasses:

The reproducing scenario with mentions of video play time:

  • (00:00) Initially, all is fine, and I show that it is. Only problem was finding the knobs while filming.
  • I scroll a bit through the track with seek and scratch
  • (01:17) Voila. Play/pause became inactive. I show this several ways, blinking/not blinking midi feed-back and on screen. Forgot to show the midi mapping dialogue, but is obvious. Also forgot to show that pressing play/pause on the screen does not work. But believe me.
  • (01:46) I start the track by touching the waveform on the screen. From this moment on, the play/pause control resumed working, which I demonstrate.
  • (02:04) I show that now the midi scratch stopped working by turning the knob and showing that the control is received in the midi configuration tool.
  • (02:18) The end.


Looks like the dropbox share of the vid is not functioning, working on it …

Edit: I think the viewer of this forum is mute. Please use the link, remove the xx at front, past in new tab and play :slight_smile:

The description of your problem is very alike several other complains that are floating for some time in this forum, afecting also other controllers.

In my case, I have a Reloop Mixon 8 and the problem I have is exactely the same as you described, perhaps a like bit less frequente but ocurring every half an hour or so.

There are some people returning their controllers for alleged hardware problems but, in my opinion, there’s some huge bug in the software that is causing this. I’m re-affirming this because, as I referred in different ocasions in this forum and also by direct contact with Algoriddim support, when I use my controller with Virtual DJ, for which I have a Pro license, I don’t have any problem.

It’s a huge stability problem that MUST be investigated and resolved by Algoriddim ASAP, taking in consideration that is mining the confidence of professional and prosumers that want to use DJay Pro by all the advantages it has over the competitio, namely the cross-platform compatibility.

See other situation like this one:

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Yes, exactly. And the case I did demo can hardly be a controller issue on its own. It looks like there is a state somewhere in Djay that determines what to do with certain Midi inputs. Thus, the fact that Djay decides to not use Midi inputs that are clearly presented, cannot be a controller issue. The question is how Djay gets into this erroneous state, that could be a combination of controller and Djay. But the fact that DJ gets into this strange state to begin with makes me bet on the odds that Djay is at least a big part of the culprit.

Btw., the frequency it occurs with me is about the same as reported by you, last night 0 problems, but took the time to set the Cue’s right eliminating the need to re-position often. Looks like if the position is tweaked left/right slightly increases the odds.

// Begin rant
What is frustrating is that my problem, that I did present in various occasions and ways, did not wake up anyone. Tickets ignored and what not. Djay can be very happy having a good product. I tried the competition, but came back. But now is the time for Algoriddm to do something. I was already considering buying a new controller, but I hold that off for a bit.
Algoriddm, do something.
// End rant


Hi @Brainbox and @MrBig1964, there definitely seems to be something strange going on here. I have shared all of this info with the engineering team so they can try to replicate the issue on their end. I’ll report back here when I have any news or follow up questions. Thanks!

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Hi @Brainbox, with the help of your video, the engineering team was able to replicate this issue and find a solution! This will be included in an upcoming release (likely djay 5.2). Thanks for your patience and help with this one.

Thanks! :slight_smile:
(Then I don’t need to get an old-school pot controller … pfew :sunglasses:)

You’re welcome @Brainbox

Good work getting this one sorted.

Nice to have fix for this, hopefully it will work also on mixon 8 pro!

I had same problem also with serato, on MacOS platform, in Djay pro with Ios and MacOS.

But good news is allways nice to hear!