Pre-cue in the DDJ-400 + Xiaomi POCO F3


I’ve purchased the djay pro version on my Android

I connected my DDJ-400 on my Xiaomi Poco F3, the app seems work with the DDJ-400, but I’m not able to hear the pre-cue.

I bought the pro version thinking that it’d works but it isn’t working.

Is there a solution for this??

Thank you!

Hi @Max_Araujo,

Thanks for posting to the community for the first time!

At this time the DDJ-400 is not natively supported in djay for Android as shown on our website at the link below.

I will, however, pass this along to our dev team for further consideration. Have a nice day!

Yes but even the “supported” controllers suffer from the same problem.

I am using a reloop beatpad connected to an android device and even though i purchased the pro version of djay, pre-cueing still doesnt work.

I have tested three sony phones, a samsung phone and a samsung tablet. The audio is only routed to the master output and I cannot hear anything through the headphones. This renders both the app and controller totally useless.

I have heard that people have had the same problem with the beatpad 2 and Mixon controllers.

Is this issue ever going to be fixed? People keep asking the same question but the Algoriddim moderators just say “we are aware of the issue and are looking into it” unfortunately for us, some of these posts date back years and there has been no response.

If the problem is not going to be fixed, companies like Algoriddim and reloop should update their websites and remove these devices from the compatibility lists, otherwise, this is false advertising.

These devices do not work correctly

when do you plan to make ddj 400 an official map?