Rane Performer Support

Will there be support for the upcoming Rane 4 channel motorized controller?

It hasn’t even been officially released yet :rofl:


They could start with a controller that is already shipping.


Welcome to the community @Cleveland_Terry any news on DJ Pro working with this new leaked Rane Controller in your recent video? :rofl:


Some more pics of the Rane Performer have surfaced:


[update] these are stills taken from a video by @iz_avila on Instagram.

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I doubt it. Looks like a Rane Four with motorized platters and the Rane Four requires drivers. I would be very surprised if this one was class compliant when the Rane Four isn’t.

On a semi related note I would have much preferred just a Rane one with hardware effects. At least Ones will be flooding the used market when this releases, so they will probably be pretty cheap.

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Algoriddim is also available for Mac OS and Windows.

I use Rane One at every gig with an iPad works perfect

Can we maybe start with support for the Rane 4 before the performer lol… Any news on whether that is even in the works? I am really contemplating selling my Rane 4 and going back to a Rane 1 just so I can use Djay Pro ay my gigs with an iPad. Wasnt totally sold on the Mixon 8 Pro, Ill wait for the next revision.


@Juan_Perez - Im assuming you need a separate power source for the Ipad as the USB on the Rane 1 would not charge the device during gigs? Also, do the features like auto crossfade effects work or toggle music buttons work on the Rane 1 np? Midi mapping prob no issues as well?

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If you have a Gen 9 or older iPad with lightning port, you will need a genuine Apple Lightning to camera adapter which will allow you to charge your iPad using an iPad charger brick…
If you have a Gen 10 or later IPad Air or Pro with USB C port, you will need a usb hub.

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Nick Spinelli on insta posted last week that he is “test driving some new toys” with a picture of what looks like a Rane Preformer

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