Rane Performer Support

Will there be support for the upcoming Rane 4 channel motorized controller?

It hasn’t even been officially released yet :rofl:


They could start with a controller that is already shipping.


Welcome to the community @Cleveland_Terry any news on DJ Pro working with this new leaked Rane Controller in your recent video? :rofl:


Some more pics of the Rane Performer have surfaced:


[update] these are stills taken from a video by @iz_avila on Instagram.

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I doubt it. Looks like a Rane Four with motorized platters and the Rane Four requires drivers. I would be very surprised if this one was class compliant when the Rane Four isn’t.

On a semi related note I would have much preferred just a Rane one with hardware effects. At least Ones will be flooding the used market when this releases, so they will probably be pretty cheap.

Algoriddim is also available for Mac OS and Windows.

I use Rane One at every gig with an iPad works perfect