Reloop Beatpad works but no sound

Hi, I just got an Reloop Beatpad and tried it with djay 2 for android. It works but I got no sound. I have to use the earphone output to hear anything.
I tried with Samsung Note 10.1 with Android 4.4.2 and Samsung S3, nothing works.

My Reloop Beatpad works fine with an iphone 4s.
What could be the problem?

Help me

First load djay 2, then connect and turn on beatpad.

With android you need your device connected with the headphone jack. You can use a audio splitter for a second channel with the audio split function. Just connect it then with the line in and the line out with your speakers ^^ you get sound then :slight_smile:
Maybe it works if you upgrade to lollipop with a device :slight_smile: I’ll try later if it works with a galaxy s5 ^^…

I tried that but it didn ́t work.

It would be great. Thanks.
I looked at Your link it said that it only works with Lollipop.
Unfortunately, there are very few Samsung pads that are updated with Lollipop.