Reloop Mixon 8 - MIDI Mapping & Firmware Issues

The FX Unit mappings are incorrect for Deck 1/3 and 2/4. I’m surprised no one noticed this sooner. The 3 knobs and single encoder are mapped to the wrong Decks. So, instead of controlling Deck 1 FX they control Deck 3. For Deck 2 they control Deck 4 FX.


I have made the corrections myself if anyone needs it:

Reloop Mixon 8 Pro Fixed.djayMidiMapping (296.6 KB)


Now onto the bigger firmware issue (Ver 4735). I’m not really impressed with how STEMS/Neural Mix are implemented on the Mixon 8 so I’d like to remap them.

Unfortunately, at least on my unit, the FX knobs and the corresponding buttons below them share the same MIDI assignment (CC 0 for FX1, CC 1 for FX2 and CC2 for FX2). So the buttons can not be mapped independently from the knobs. I’ve tried deleting the MIDI commands and reassigning them, but nothing seems to work. This is very limiting.

The default MIDI mapping does not include a headphone Cue Vol either. So this either needs to be added manually or you need to switch from Internal Mixer mode to External. I found that using Internal Mixer mode does not work well with Cue Split so I went with External Mixer.

Below are the Audio Device Setup settings required for External Mixer mode so you can headphone cue. However, I discovered that the headphone volume is extremely loud with these settings. Even at the first notch on the dial my headphones are blaring.

Hi slak yeah I just noticed this also. Amazing what a screw up!

How do I install your new mappings to fix this?

Thanks v much

@Ben4 use the Files app on iOS to copy the file into Locations->On My iPad->djay folder. Then simply select it instead of the default mapping within djay under Settings->MIDI Devices->Reloop Mixon 8

Reloop just released a firmware update that should fix these issues. I haven’t had time to test it out yet though. Also requires an update to djay 4.1.9


Hey @Slak_Jaw are you using the latest default midi mapping or you keep you custom one?

Is you are using your custom mapping…. Have you experience the same issues with mapping been reset or reverse automatically in the latest update?

@ed-dj the firmware update essentially broke my custom mapping so I had to redo it. I haven’t had a chance to really test things out yet so I don’t know if it’s still randomly resetting the mapping.

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HEADS UP: if you update to the new 49.36 firmware from Reloop the above mapping will no longer work properly. You will need to use the new default mapping from djay 4.1.9.

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Hi slak

I’ve just updated to v4936 and also latest djay version but it’s still doing the same thing…the fx encoders are mapped to the wrong channels

What should I do?



@Ben4 are you using the default djay MIDI mapping? If so, then I guess you’ll have to remap the controls.

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Following^ What should we remap the controls to? (Ex: for FX1 Deck1)

@XEFER see my response in the other thread:

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I was initially excited to see this small djay update. Sadly, it does not work as I hoped.

  1. SHIFT + MODE does not Toggle the 3 FX knobs and buttons below them between controlling FX and Neural Mix functions.
  2. SHIFT + MODE instead simply Toggles your regular EQ knobs between Neural Mix and Normal EQ.
  3. I previously mapped this functionality to SHIFT + Headphone Cues so this doesn’t really add anything new for me.

Hey Slak, I just updated new firmware and was wondering if this mapping is still accurate? or is there a new one you have for the current update?

Hi @Madison_Cowan, my latest mapping is over here:

Thank you so much. Would you happen to know what the FX Knobs 1-3 are labeled as in the midi mapping? They aren’t showing when I press them like other buttons do.

Look through the post I shared. There should be pictures showing what each control has been remapped to.