Report problems to Reloop - Mixon 8

Hello djay community, I need the opinion of all Mixon 8 users, it’s to report problems to Reloop!

Can you please comment on this article confirming that you are experiencing the following problems like me:

→ Impossible to switch from “Neural Mix” mode to “FX” mode on all decks (SHIFT[48] + TAP[34]).

→ When you want to (SHIFT[48] + FX 2 Arm[30]) This command assigns an FX to Harmonic for decks 1 and 3, but we only want to assign it to deck 1 not 3.

Thanks in advance!

I can confirm that I have these same issues with the default mapping for my Mixon 8 on djay iOS.

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Hi @Clem_Coss I can also confirm I experience the same with default mapping.

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I just got the Mixon 8 today iPad is crushing and I try it on my I phone 13 plus works for a little and then is crushing!!! I own Mixon 4 had some small issues nothing like this!!! I also saw some massage s they are experiencing same problems please help!!!

@Leo_Gertsios I recommend reading through this existing thread related to “Mixon 8 issues”.

There are some tips here that could be helpful as well: