STEMs Split & Dual Deck Modes

Please add Dual Deck Modes and the ability to Split STEMs across 2 Decks.

  1. Basic Mode: simply lock 2 Decks together so they can both be controlled by the Jog Wheel and Tempo Fader without switching between decks.
    a. Typically this will be Deck 1 & 3 or Deck 2 & 4.
  2. STEMs Split Mode: basically create an Instant Double of the currently playing track on Deck 1 over to Deck 2, but at the same time switch Deck 1 to Instrumental and Deck 2 to Acappella.
    a. By default, the tracks would be BPM and Beat locked together, but this could be disabled as well for additional flexibility.
    b. Obviously, we’d want the ability to do this in reverse as well (ex. Acappella on Deck 1 and Instrumental on Deck 2).
    c. This will enable independent EQing, FX, Cutting, Scratching, etc., of each STEM across the 2 channels.

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Would be cool if algorithm takes what really works well from all the other platforms and incorporated into Djay pro AI plus adding their own sauce.

Several of the recent features coming to other softwares were done by Algoriddim first (streaming service integration, real-time STEMs separation, STEMs FX, STEMs EQ, even the new “Auto BPM Transition” on the Pioneer Rev 5 is basically djay’s Automix).

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Good point. I remember rocking a party with a beatpad and Spotify. :sunglasses:

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I was actually able to get pretty close to the STEMs Split functionality with a custom MIDI Mapping on my Reloop Mixon 8 Pro.

  1. I used the Duplicate function to map 3 MIDI commands to a single button.
  2. First I mapped Instant Double to SHIFT + Load Channel 2.
  3. Next I mapped Deck 2: Neural Mix Solo (2ch: Acappella) to the same button.
  4. Finally I mapped Deck 1: Neural Mix Solo (2ch: Instrumental) to the same button again.
  5. So, if I’m playing a track on Deck 1 and I press SHIFT + Load Channel 2 it will essentially put the Acappella onto Deck 2 and switch Deck 1 into an Instrumental.
  6. With Slip and Sync engaged, you can pretty much keep the Instrument and Acappella locked together even when scratching.
  7. Here’s the mapping if anyone with a Mixon 8 wants to try it out:
    Reloop Mixon 8 Pro SJ4(Split).djayMidiMapping (320.2 KB)


I like the way you think its awesome! Now for your next mission ahould you chose to accept it. Try mapping the bpm transition. :notes:


This is very cool. Great mapping skills.


Here’s the mapping key to go with the Reloop Mixon 8 Pro MIDI Mapping above. White Text represents regular button functions and Orange Text represents SHIFT + functions.

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“Now for your next mission ahould you chose to accept it. Try mapping the bpm transition. :notes: @SamJam that was super easy actually:

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Would love to see this feature implement. Whether it’s a controller or dj mixer

Adding to this, I’d actually love the option to split all four stems across four decks, and have the decks locked together, ostensibly in slip mode, with the cues in gate mode. This would add quite powerful mixing/remixing functionality.

Is there a way to do dual deck control on the reloop MIXON 8?

Specifically let’s say mixing vocal stem in channel 1 and instrumental stem in channel 2…is there way to combine them into one deck and use deck 3 or 4 to mix in a third song?

I know the FLX 6 and FLX 10 have this feature.

If not natively available is there a way to MIDI map it?

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