📣 The next-level major update to djay Pro AI for Mac, iPhone, and iPad is here!

Nothing. I also sent an email to Algoriddim but any response yet.

Hi @Robert_Voller,

Thanks for your patience while our team is working to answer all requests as quickly as possible! Please feel free to open a new Community thread about the Traktor Kontrol Z2 in the DJ Hardware category here as well so others in the Community can provide their feedback and vote on this request for native support. This helps us better gauge interest for various requests from our djay users.


I made the bet on djay since it’s release on iOS about 10 years ago. It took time but now it’s become the best DJing piece of software.

Next steps

  1. Scratch banks
  2. Philips Hue / Zigbee / Sound switch integration
  3. Support offline streaming services and add more of them
  4. As much DJing hardware support as possible
  5. Put Windows/Android version to the same level

And bring it to the Steam Deck + full mapping of game controllers !!! (I will post the idea :bulb: soon).

In any case, congrats to Algoriddim teams for this innovative work.


I think it all starts with your point number 4. Since the officially sponsored/branded hardware is so minimal and almost exclusively controllers, they need to increase the amount of officially supported hardware close to virtual DJ levels. Basically where you don’t have to check the list (which weirdly hasn’t been updated since the DVS announcement) to see if your hardware is supported. You can have all the features in the world but if you are limited by the hardware then that point is moot.

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On the iOS/iPadOS side, as long as Apple keeps limiting what is possible via USB, there will always be a list. See here for an explanation about class-compliant devices: What is CLASS COMPLIANT? | iPad/iPhone compatible USB audio interfaces - YouTube That said, apparently iPadOS 16 will allow driver installation on iPads with an M1 or newer (let’s see whether manufacturers will actually make use of this): iPadOS 16 now lets device makers create drivers for iPad - 9to5Mac


Most DJ hardware nowadays (especially new stuff) is class compliant but only fraction of it is officially supported by Djay. After almost all of it is officially supported, then we can worry about apple’s limitations as far as drivers go.

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Dear Djay team, I have to say that you created a game changer update !!!
Awesome work, this is one of the best iPhone app ever created (and not only for dj).
Keep up this incredible work, you have all my trust !

  • New audio effects: includes brand new Instant FX and a full suite of stunning new AI based audio effects that are rendered in real time

Really liking all the new F/X, they are great. I finally got a chance to try them out live this week, what a blast. Now I have to get a controller that can take full advantage!@!


Still no screen support for Pioneer flagship XDJ XZ, won’t be using DJay professionally till we get this, surely its more difficult for CDJs than it is for this controller.

Agreed @Michael_Wisniewski , the new FX are excellent! Nice work in this area Algoriddim!

I’m also really happy with the layout improvements on iPhone. I love that you can still see the waveform in horizontal Pro mode when you select the side panel for Hot Cues, Loops, FX and EQ. This is a huge improvement on the iPhone. Great job!


Are you planning the MacOS functions such as “Related tracks tag” for the iOS version as well? I could use that very well :wink:


Definitely and I’m really liking the new tweaked screen layouts, plus layouts that adapt to the hardware it’s really nice! Even on a small iPhone, super clear and easy to use. Makes it feel like the touchscreen performance controls and the hardware are all one integrated interface.


Hello All,

Any if you have sucess with NI Traktor Z2 midi maping? Looks like is no support for any budget mixer.

There are 3 user created MIDI mappings for the Z2 on the DJ TechTools website:



I don’t have a Z2 myself so I haven’t tried these mappings out. Hope that helps though.


when do u thing will be the IOS Version Available for Pioneer DJM S9

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Well, according to pioneer website, you need to install drivers for macOS and for Windows.
So Pioneer DJM S9 isn’t at the moment compatible with iOS, so that’s needs to be done by Pioneer first.


and that will take ages to be done as pioneer are very good at releasing new products but when it comes to updates and driver it took them ages to make it happen

Pretty sure the S9 has been discontinued so I doubt they will do any more updates for it, let alone make a new class compliant usb mode.

I purchased a NuMark scratch 2 channel mixer and MWM Phase Because Algoriddim said that mixer and phase are both compatible. I’m having the hardest time setting it up and I can’t find any helpful directions other than the outdated ones on the Algoriddim phase form. All I am getting is the tone. I’m using an iPad Pro 4, the latest Djay Pro update, Phase and NuMark Scratch and 2 technics turntables. Is this system truly compatible? Please help and please let me know how to set it up. I have it connected just like the picture on the other topic shows. This is frustrating because I just spent a lot of money and I don’t want to have to go to Serato because I rely heavily on the neural mix features for my radio show.