📣 ANNOUNCEMENT: New Hardware Support Update

Quick update for everyone who’s been eagerly asking about third-party hardware support for djay.

First off, let me say this: We hear you loud and clear. Your excitement for expanding hardware compatibility with djay resonates with us deeply. We understand how important it is for you to use your favorite software with your favorite controller, which is why we’ve been diligently making progress behind the scenes to address this very topic.

So, what can you expect? We look forward to adding support for several of the controllers you’ve been voting for within the next months, alongside other exciting features our community has requested. While we’d love to share more details, for now, we can only ask for a bit more patience. We want to ensure we get things right before making any official announcements.

In the meantime, we’re all ears. Your feedback, ideas, and passion for DJing are what drive us every day. Keep the comments and suggestions coming! We’re here, we’re listening, and we’re committed to making djay the best it can be for our incredible community.

Thanks for your understanding, your passion, and your patience.


Well that’s pretty epic. Great work and communication. There you have it folks, stick with Djay as it will work out really well in the end. Feature rich app with regular updates and great communication from the Algoriddim team. Love it :heart:


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Very exciting times I think to be a dj now. Nail these integrations and you’ll have all the big influences waxing lyrical. (Digital dj tips, Crossfader, DJ City TV, Cleveland Terry, Nick Spinelli, DJ Lab) big big audiences.


Thanks for the heads up :pray:

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Hey don’t forget Mojaxx!

Here’s hoping for the ability to change pad modes from controllers, tag editing, video output and Neural Mix 2.0 on Windows, ability to create a library directly from our own files/folders rather than relying on iTunes etc.

Oh and maybe a nice new vector based GUI that looks sharp on screens larger than a smartphone.


Can’t forget Mr Mojaxx, although to be fair he is included in the DjCity vibe.

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I hope your ears listening not just controller users, we are here too whose use external mixers and we would be so happy to enjoying all the benefits of DJay Pro…Do we have hope for?

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IMO if you have an external mixer, you don’t need support. All you need are drivers (if required on computer) or for the interface to be class compliant.


@DJ-Z you should check out the Numark Scratch mixer. It’s an Internal Mixer Mode device, so Neural Mix EQs and Crossfader FX work just like they do for DJ controllers.


I have my own great high quality mixer, I don’t want buy another one, just still want use that as Algoriddim listed as supported mixer. Do you feel me?


Fair enough. Just thought this might be helpful and a good feature balance for you…


Oh, was hoping to see Mixstream Pro/Pro+/Go support. Maybe next time :pray:

Nice to see new hardware support though.


It’s advisable not to talk about hardware in this thread, even though it’s about hardware.

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Rev5 already in the list of newly supported devices.


@jayneural the Pioneer DJ DDJ-REV5 is not currently on the supported hardware list:

Indeed, initially misunderstood the list in this post was to the links strong textof threads asking support not newly supported devices yet.

There is also a thread requesting mapping for the Numark Mixstream Pro lineup that has something like 40 votes. Maybe it should be listed in this post :wink:

It’s there : Mixstream Pro Support

And I just added my vote so 41 !


Please get the android version to match the ipad version as far as how it works and controllers.

Do you think that’s really possible with android system? Not really known for its audio and visuals capabilities. I sense there will be limitations. If you do want to experience full neural capabilities maybe get a decent iOS device?