Crossfader dissappears when I connect dj controller

Hello everyone, I don’t see the crossfader in PRO mode like I do in classic mode on I pad pro.

The first picture is without dj controller connected to iPad. The second picture is when iPad is connected to the dj controller.

How would you set it up. Tried Hercules 500 and dj2go2 as soon as I connect cross fader bar disappears.

@DJ_Faisal this is by design to remove unnecessary touch screen controls when using a hardware controller. You can disable it by turning OFF Hardware Mode. Your DJ controller will still work, and the original touch screen controls (cross fader, tempo faders, volume faders, EQs) will be visible.


@Slak_Jaw thank you so much for your prompt response. It’s working fine now.

Also, what in your opinion is the best DJ controller for Djay Pro ai? for professional mobile DJs. 707 m is awesome, but no hope. I use VDJ right now.

@DJ_Faisal you’re welcome. IMO the Reloop Mixon 8 Pro is currently the best option for djay Pro AI.

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@Slak_Jaw It’s too big for me. I’d like two channels.

Well for a more portable Pro level option my favourite is still the Vestax VCI-400. Unfortunately, these are long since out of production.

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  1. I really like the Reloop Ready as a portable option, but the soundcard quality is definitely not what I would consider Pro.
  2. Of the natively supported hardware for iOS on the Algoriddim page (DJ Controllers, DJ Mixers and other DJ Accessories | Algoriddim), I would consider the following:
    a. Pioneer DDJ-FLX4
    b. NI Traktor Kontrol S2, MK3
    c. Numark Mixtrack Pro FX
  3. However, I haven’t used any of these so I can’t speak to them from personal experience.
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I’m familiar with these, but I’ll look into them further. I usually use an external mixer… rarely plug my speakers in directly. Thank you for the suggestions.

@Slak_Jaw Traktor Kontrol S2 Mk3 has IOS and USB. Not sure if we can use lap top and I pad at the same time.

You’re welcome. I’m not totally sure about the S2, but I think it’s an either or situation. I do know that the Mixon 8 allows you to use a laptop and iPad connected at the same time though. You can even choose which channels are connected to the laptop and which are connected to the iPad.

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@Slak_Jaw When connected to an external mixer, Reloop Ready should be as good as a pro. It’s got a lot of features for such a small controller for $340.

Mixon 8 is next level, there’s a learning curve, $1059 open box.

How are you connecting to the external mixer? If it’s RCA from the Reloop Ready to RCA on the mixer, this will not improve the sound quality. However, if you are connecting to the mixer via USB from the iPad then this will solve the audio quality.

As for the Mixon 8, there’s really no additional learning curve compared to the Ready. Aside from 4 channels and Paddle FX, the controls are very similar. Yes, there’s a significant cost and size difference though.

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@Slak_Jaw Yes, If I buy Ready then I am thinking of connecting I pad directly via USB of main mixer. Mixon 8’s master out would go to channels 1 and 2 of the main mixer.

If you go the Reloop Ready and external mixer route, just make sure you connect the Ready to the iPad first and the mixer to the iPad second. On iOS djay uses the device that was connected last as the USB audio interface. Out of curiosity, what mixer are you using?

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Mainly Bose T4s also have RCF mixers

@Slak_Jaw do you find Ready reliable enough.

Absolutely. It’s well built and I’ve had no issues over the last year or so. My only gripes are:

  1. 2 Band EQ. I remapped the Gains as High EQs though so not a big deal.
  2. Sound quality. Again not a big deal for me as I mainly use this as a backup or for small gigs like pool and beach parties.
  3. The performance pad LEDs are quite dim so you can’t really see them in the daylight. If you mainly play at night it’s fine.
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@DJ_Faisal if you end up getting the Reloop Ready, I’ve created an advance STEMs mapping for it over here:

I also have an advanced mapping for the Reloop Mixon 8 Pro:

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@Slak_Jaw thanks for your input. Aside from ready as a backup, what is your main DJ controller and software.

You’re welcome. Currently my main controller is the Mixon 8 Pro with djay Pro AI on iPad. I also have a Denon Prime 4 that I use with djay Pro AI on iPad. I haven’t used the Prime 4 since I got the Mixon 8 though.

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