'Stem' control mapping for DDJ400

Looking to get a new controller and love the new ‘stem’ controls. Could I control these (toggle on / off with lights indicating if they’re active) with the DDJ400?

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Hey @jomtones ,

Thanks for posting this question here in the Algoriddim Community :slight_smile:

The Pioneer DJ DDJ-400 is currently part of our list featuring all the MIDI controllers djay supports natively on iOS and it has 3 filter knobs, which are auto-mapped in Stems mode to Hi-Hat, Vocals, and Kick.

You can follow the directions in this Support Site article if you’d like to map the controller differently or simply according to your specific needs.

Hope you’ll fid this useful. Cheers!

@jomtones also you can toggle between controlling the EQ’s (Hi, Mid, Low) and Neural Mix (Vocal, Instruments, Drums) via the GUI in djay. This function works with any supported MIDI controller.

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cool thanks both! @Cam_A how do I switch the DDJ-400 controller to Stems mode?

I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure the DDJ-400 does not have any hardware buttons mapped to switch the EQ’s into Neural Mix/STEMS mode. You have to toggle this mode using the djay on screen controls as shown above.

Alternatively, you could custom MIDI map an available button on the DDJ-400 to switch between EQ/STEMS mode (example Shift + Headphone Cue 1). Cam provided a link for how custom MIDI mapping works in djay. It’s quite simple to do.

Once you get comfortable with custom MIDI mapping in djay, you can do some other Neural Mix/STEMS mapping to suit your needs. For example, you could remap one of the performance pad modes to Mute or Solo the Vocals, Instruments and Drums. You could also map performance pads to apply Neural Mix Instant FX. There are lots of possibilities!


@jomtones if you want some mapping ideas, check out the post below where I created a Serato-like STEMS mapping for the DJ TechTools Midi Fighter.


There are no dedicated hardware buttons for NeuralMix, but as already mentioned this can be achieved very easily via a custom midi mapping. If a visual display is important, you could e.g. assign one of the performance pads accordingly, possibly also in connection with the shift key.
I have done this with some functions and can now set only six instead of eight cue points, but in practice eight cue points are rarely useful and do not promote clarity.


I’ve been trying to find this setting in the MIDI mappings - any idea where it might be?

Planning to use the ‘Trim’ knob (‘gain’ in settings) to switch between EQ types, since the auto-trim seems to do a great job for everything I throw at it.

Here in the interface…

@jomtones the MIDI function is called Toggle Neural Mix - EQ. Set your Target to Deck 1 first. Then do the same for Deck 2.

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that’s great, many thanks. Shame I can’t map this to a rotary - doesn’t show up in the list!

Going to have to use a button instead :person_shrugging:

[Edit - just found I can use a knob as a ‘button’, but it only activates on ‘100’ - can’t turn the control ‘off’ at far left]

You’re welcome. Yeah it’s a Toggle function.