UPDATE: djay Pro AI 4.1 Changelog

Hey folks,

As we’re approaching the end of this year while looking forward to the new one to start, we’re happy to share the news that we are rolling out some awesome updates to djay Pro AI on Mac and iOS with the version 4.1.0.

These updates include:

  • Over 1000 new tracks from world-class labels and top artists ranging from Tech House, Deep House and Drum & Bass to Hip-Hop, available in the djay Music source
  • Improved Pro, Classic, and 4 Deck view modes (center waveforms with tools in Pro and Classic modes; tempo sliders with DVS INT mode; optimized display layout, vertical waveform view, and 4 deck mode interface) (Mac only)
  • Added support for editing playlists on Beatport and Beatsource from within djay
  • Added option to adjust DVS anti-drift behavior
  • Added option to switch between phono and line inputs on supported mixers
  • Added option jump to cue point 1 on load
  • Improved song loading to be beat-accurate for local tracks
  • Improved load previous/next track actions to follow media library cursor
  • Improved UI layout on newer iPhone models (iOS only)

As a heads-up, keep an eye on the new “djay Music” source (renamed from “Featured”), which features a ton of really high-quality content (about 1800 tracks right now, completely free). Great to get the party started!

What’s the update you were wishing for the most among those listed above? And what updates would you like to see implemented next?

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Great news! Thanks for giving us preview of the up coming changes. It’s great to hear some plans in advance for a change!

Improved Pro, Classic and 4 Deck view modes and the editing playlists on Beatport sound great!

I’m most looking forward to the following updates next:

Syncing of My Library Playlists between devices: Syncing My Library Playlists between Devices

Edit Beat Grids in Multiple Places / Elastic Beat Grids: Edit beat grid at multiple places

Looper Pre-Cue / Audio Routing Options: Looper Pre-Cueing & Audio Routing Options

Edit Track Meta Data: Edit Track Metadata!


Stems improvement to compete with Serato & VDJ versions.


I love Djay!

I would love that one day Rane 72mk2 will be fully supported so pad modes would work without holding the SHIFT button to navigate in between on IOS env.

Unfortunately I will need to switch back to Serato DJ just because of this :slightly_frowning_face: - its impossible to fully perform without that.

Another amazing feature would be multiple category sorting of the music archive:
Example: sort by BPM and simultaneous sort also by key → sorted by BPM+KEY


Edit Beat Grids in multiple places and improved Stems like VDJ,
They are my two Xmas wish lists


Hi, very very happy about the 4 deck mode layout upgrade. Use it a lot along with stems for remixes however stem quality of your competitors is now too good to overlook so I find myself going back to Serato when I want to remix/mashup/blend a song, and then back to my preferred Algoriddim when I want make longer mixes.

So wish list is now:

  • improved stem quality (obviously)
  • split pad mode. In my case I would combine cue points and stems to have top 4 pads for cue points and bottom 4 pads to have stem isolations. Serato can do this by simply pressing 2 pad mode buttons simultaneously to merge both modes.
  • Denon prime 4 screen functionnality. I have it with Serato but black screen for Algoriddim. :frowning: However Serato is basically a screen share of your library which you alreay have on your laptop so not much added functionnality . Having functions like stem control and stem effects, special effects, bounce loops, etc…on the Denon screen would be incredible. Maybe it could just be blank pads on the screen and you program whatever you want on them, sort of like midi mapping the screen instead of the controller. (wishfull thinking?) EDIT: JUST FOUND OUT YOU CAN ACTIVATE A WHOLE BUNCH OF THESE FUNCTIONS FROM THE DENON PRIME 4 SCREEN…BUT WITH VDJ !
  • Jersey Club beat pack(or packs) for looper would be awesome for remixes.
  • one touch stems split where instrumental/vocals are sent to 2 different channels (check out videos of this feature demoed on the upcoming Rane Four controller). Awesome feature.

Thanks a lot for the upgrades and feedback forum.


I wish follows feature:

  • Support Denon DJ SC6000M PRIME and X1850 PRIME like Virtual DJ
  • Support for music includes multiple BPM and irregular metre (Edit beat grid on multiple places)
  • Syncing My Library Playlists between devices
  • Zoom out waveform more
  • Show number of beats or measure to next cue point

+1 (20charsfillcrap)


It’s always nice to see the evolution of this excellent software and the hard work done by the algoriddim engineers.

There are two shortcomings that unfortunately lead me to use Djay Pro Ai very little.

  1. I would like a library management similar to that of Rekorbox to make playlists and edit the metadata of my local songs. For me, preparation is very important. (Delete my collection that really doesn’t serve because it creates confusion)

  2. Edit Beat Grids in Multiple Places / Elastic Beat Grids: Edit beat grid at multiple places

Then there would be other things that I would like to be added that are discussed here on the forum.

Syncing of My Library Playlists between devices: Syncing My Library Playlists between Devices

I would also like to have different waveform patterns from the current one.


While Serato stems might sound better than Djay AI. in my opinion they are only marginally better compared to those in VDJ, those Stems are much cleaner than Serato and Djay AI

The benchmark is definitely VDJ


Currently having issues at a couple different events where DJs are saying tital songs load in automix the after a few play the software glitches like it lost internet connection and cycles all the tidal songs till it hits a song on the computer’s hard drive. :flushed: macOS, M1 Mack book airs.

Excellent update… Keep it up!

However…:grinning::grinning::grinning:… A few improvements needed

  1. Bit grid adjustsments at multiple points… Everyone is talking about this please :pray:

  2. Scratchbank…:fire::fire::fire: Creativity game changer!

  3. Playlists export still doesnt make sense in csv mode if i cannot use it on multiple devices… We export playlists so we can play on other devices… Listing songs in csv mode just doesn’t do the job! M3u maybe?

Hope these updates will be considered as xmass presents :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great update, Beatport integration is amazing now. Thanks !!!

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loving the new vertical waveform view!

Feature request: Can there be a master output meter on the screen somewhere please?

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Edit Beat Grids in multiple places and improved Stems like serato 3.0 PLEASEEEEEE! I literally had to switch back to serato. Please hurry with these features!


Is that why the vertical waveform has shrunken to a little section in the middle of the screen? How do I get the old view back?

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Great job guys!

In terms of next updates, I’d like to support what some of the members already said: edit metadata and library sync between devices!

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Firstly, I would like to thank you for your continued improvements and support with this DJ app/program. I’ve had such a ride using it the past decade. In the future iOS version, the features I would want to see the most are:

-Search field

-Add “Compatible” option for Key matching settings. More keys compatible with active deck than just Fuzzy. +/-1 away from fuzzy. (Ex. Gm → Ebm is only 1 key away from fuzzy matching. This would be ideal for subtly switching to the next song in a mix, instead of hard switching from +/-2 keys). It would also be great to highlight the fuzzy/compatible keys of tracks within the library that are compatible with the active deck so we don’t have to load the song on the deck to check the key value compatibility.

-Add “Info” and “Related” track features for iOS

-Auto-scrolling text for Artist and Title of track within library view and deck view

-Display deck’s BPM value when library view is expanded

-Add option to set multiple BPM, Key, Time Signature values for individual tracks within the entire track:
•Multiple BPM values are useful for tracks with “tempo change”
•Multiple key values would be useful for tracks with “Key changes”
•Time Signature change would be useful for tracks that are not in common time “non-4/4”

Always satisfied with the update results regardless.


Support for the Pioneer-FLX4 and Numark Mixstream Pro!!

BTW, Thanks for the continuous Updates!

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