Djay 5.0 hurry please 😂

Am I the only one who is anticipating the next major update? I know it’s only been 10 months since 4.0 but so much has happened recently. Hoping for better sounding stems that compares to the competition. Djay is my favorite app. Don’t leave us hanging :laughing:


How about djay 4.2 first? v5 would be a rather large upgrade…


Rather than focussing on the version nr. What are your wishes or hopes for a new release?


Yes. That sounds about right.

My hopes are for better library management on iPad.
Better sounding stems comparable to S…… and the other one.


yes, if they can come up with something better for the library that would be great. It doesn’t even have to be a cloud solution, but syncing beatgrids, playlists etc in any way would be an improvement.

I would love a Phase HID integration for a next update.


The beatgrid stuff is at the top of my list, along with the ability to sync everything.


I’d like to see the fx department overhauled a bit. It would be nice to be able to switch to a mode where you have 6 effects to choose from across both channels similar to the pioneer mixers, or keep at 3 per channel and be able to pull up a second bank.

In addition to library stuff people have mentioned and being able to sync more stuff across devices, it would also be nice to choose what info is displayed on the screen in a sort of modular fashion.


This is my ongoing Top 5 Wish List in order of priority:

  1. Syncing My Library Playlists between Devices
  2. Edit beat grid at multiple places
  3. Looper Pre-Cueing & Audio Routing Options
  4. Adjustable Playhead Position
  5. Traktor-style Modifiers and Conditions?

Would be nice if they could update the Windows version to where Mac version is. Last update for Windows was May 2022.


This is one of the benefits of paying the “Apple Premium” to enter the walled garden. (Sorry/Not sorry)
It’s easier to develop for and support a comparatively smaller number of different devices in the Mac world than it is in Windows and/or Android, if you take a moment to ponder it.


I sort of wish it would go to mac/iOS exclusive. Even though I have a windows laptop, I only use my iOS devices with it. If it did go mac exclusive, I wonder if apple would allow Apple Music to be used as a source. The integration with the library is already there so I would have to think that something “political” (for lack of a better term) like exclusivity is preventing that from happening.


well, even if there are windows and android versions/apps, it looks to me like the fruit company versions are the only ones under active development. Microsoft and Google versions just get patches when there’s time or something. That’s pretty clear to me that algoriddim knows where their userbase lies.


I would also add:
Hardware Responsive Interface
So, if I press Hot Cues, I see the Hot Cue settings, or if I press Pad FX, I see the FX settings. It’s one of the features in Rekordbox, that makes the hardware integration feel so tight. It drives me nuts that this functionality already exists in the djay Pro, it just needs to be exposed as MIDI commands or XML :upside_down_face:

Edit Meta-Data / Tags
Yes, please. Thank you.

Import/Export Playlists
We need a robust version of this so we can backup our playlist library and also import playlists made in other programs. I appreciate the current “export playlist” function, but it’s too basic and forces me to keep using iTunes to make the round-trip back into djay Pro.

I’m kinda glad the small point releases have started to slow down, I’m hoping that’s a sign that the bigger requested features will see the light of djay :upside_down_face:.


Totally agree with all of you regarding the improvements we would like to have.

I talked about him at the time in this tread.

(My thoughts on Djay Pro AI V4)

I would like to have an internal library management similar to that of Rekorbox which in my opinion has no equal at the moment and also the modification of the beat grid in several points. These are the basics. Maybe being able to export my playlists to USB sticks to play them on CDJs. Maybe I’m asking too much? :smile:


I definitely agree with this one too. This would make the user experience so much better.


I was invited into a closed beta before Christmas because of my request/input on the editing of Metadata being a smart addition…you might want to reach out via support channels to see if that’s an option still/for you.


I’ve been poring over past release notes and figured out that djay usually has two big releases per year, one around April/May/June and one in the fall, somewhere from September to December. The spring versions are almost always filled with stuff for the core user base (that’s us!) like Neural Mix or DVS support, while the fall often has stuff that seems to be made to appeal to new users (Shazam integration, new free tracks to play with, Gesture Control). No guarantee that it will stay like this but now I’m more excited than before for this spring’s big release :star_struck:


This is a great thread. As long as they keep the screen, reader integration tight for people with visual difficulties on top of all the suggestions, you guys made it would be highly appreciated.


Cool. Great info. Can’t wait to see what they have in store.