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Hello Community!

I had some conversations with the support in this community, on Facebook and via eMail because I needed a bug fix. They asked me questions, gave me some advides. But when the advices didn’t bring the solution, they totally stopped any conversation. Everywhere. For weeks. Months. No reply! I reminded on Facebook a couple of times to give me a reply. I can see by the icon that they read my message. But zero response. I’m coming to the conclusion that they block any conversation and refuse to reply when they realize that they don’t have any solution for my bug fix.

How can a support be so bad and let their costumers being alone with the bugs?


Yep, you are correct.

I have a different experience contacting support. Did you try contacting support through the app itself?

Contacting them through support in the app is via email.

Yeah, I guess it depends on what the problem is, i.e if you have set the software/hardware up incorrectly, they can advise on how to get things working but unfortunately when it comes to actual bugs with the software, they listen to you up until a certain point but do nothing about it and then ignore emails and messages on here.

Hey @DJDS and @SnAkEs1210, I’m really sorry to hear this, but thank you for bringing attention to it. My experience as a user in this community and with support over the years has been very positive. I’m quite new to the Algoriddim team so I’m not totally up to speed on any unanswered posts in this forum. However, I am a long time djay user and have been a working DJ for many years, so I’d like to share my perspective and have a go at solving your issues if I can.

Perspective: these are not meant to be excuses - I’m just sharing my personal thoughts as an engineer and DJ.

  1. Please keep in mind that Algoriddim is a small company with a small team. This is not Apple or Microsoft with massive support and dev teams. Sometimes things slip through the cracks or simply take longer to solve.
  2. With a small team, people have to wear several hats and priorities often need to be juggled. Especially when there’s a big upcoming release like the new Windows djay Pro.
  3. Also please try to remember that not all issues are directly related to the Algoriddim software and cannot always be solved internally. Some issues are hardware or OS related and must be addressed by external companies outside Algoriddim control.
  4. There are many possible hardware, software and OS combinations that can lead to very isolated issues. If a particular issue cannot be recreated by the Algoriddim team, it becomes very difficult to troubleshoot and solve.

Next Steps and Possible Solutions:

  1. Can you please reply and link the specific community topics that have not been solved for you?
  2. I’d like to carefully read up on them and see if perhaps a fresh set of eyes can help address your issue.
  3. Worst case scenario, I can help to prioritize your issue with the support team.
  4. I can assure that the entire Algoriddim team takes every issue seriously and we absolutely want to ensure the best possible user experience with djay.

Anyway, I hope this is helpful and I hope we can get to the bottom of this quickly.


Pre-cue in the DDJ-400 + Xiaomi POCO F3 ](Pre-cue in the DDJ-400 + Xiaomi POCO F3 )

Wow, that is quite the list @SnAkEs1210. Thank you for sharing! I had a very quick preliminary look at these, but wanted to follow up before I read through them in more detail.

  1. Am I correct in observing that these are all Android OS related? If so, this is unfortunately an area that I personally cannot be of much help since I don’t own any Android devices and I’ve never used them with djay or any other software.
  2. However, I have read many posts in this community and elsewhere related to Android OS, and from my personal observations, this is definitely the most challenging platform for music and DJ software development. As mentioned above, there are a LOT of possible hardware, OS and other software combinations that can cause issues that are difficult to recreate, troubleshoot and solve. I believe this is an even larger challenge with Android OS.
  3. In my personal opinion this is similar to what I’ve experienced in the past with Windows. In my early DJing years, I used a Windows Laptop and seemed to have regular issues with my DJ software stability. It took a lot of extra work and care to maintain a stable system. When I made the switch to macOS these largely went away. Now I’m not a fanboy of one hardware or software platform over another, but when I need consistent reliability, I choose accordingly. Apple for DJing and Windows for engineering. In my experience and in talking with other DJs, for the most part the Apple ecosystem simply works better for DJing.
  4. This does not mean it’s not possible to get things working smoothly on Android and Windows, but it often requires a lot more effort, technical expertise, and careful maintenance from the end user. Anyway… I digress.
  5. Let’s see what we can do about this list! I think it would be really helpful if you could recreate your list above in order of priority (highest at the top please). Then we can focus on trying to solve the ones that are most important to you first. Thanks!

Yes, quite a few unanswered posts going back nearly 10 years by the looks of things.

The audio routing issue has been known about for a long time yet Algoriddims website and google play page never gets updated with better information.

I regularly see people posting on here wondering why their headphones don’t work. They’ve obviously purchased the app and hardware and was hoping to use it in conjunction with a Samsung tablet only to find out that it doesn’t work.

For now, I think its probably best to go for, what I would think, should be the easiest issue to fix and that is “set grid start”

Thank you for taking the time to respond, as an android user, it’s quite refreshing for someone to enquire as to what can be done.

You’re welcome @SnAkEs1210. Okay, so that long list is all the Android issues you could find on the community, not your personal issues with the software? Let’s not try to solve every single issue at once here :slight_smile:

I’ll read up on the Downbeat “set grid start” issue and look into this further to see what we can do! Thanks!

For some reason I got an email about this thread, probably because of all those links, and since the title of this thread is quite broadly scoped, I’ll chime in.

First, I appreciate Slak_Jaw’s perspective, and I thought the response was very good, including the bit about choosing platforms.

With that said, my personal experience was this: I have an Android phone, and I have no intent of changing. DJing is a plaything for me, not a career, so I got myself low end hardware (a Reloop Mixtour) with the intention of occasionally taking it out and DJing with my phone. This appealed to me a lot because of the low cost and small size of the setup. Anyway, the important part here is that every bit of this setup claimed Android support. I’m not saying that the claim is entirely false, but it feels dishonest nonetheless. The issues I have are complete blockers, and my Mixtour is collecting dust since it’s pretty worthless to me without me bringing a laptop along instead of my phone.

TL;DR if you can’t provide a good experience on Android, maybe drop support entirely. Those of us who see Android support and an Android app expect a working experience. Sure, it may not be the best choice of platforms for DJing, but it’s not reasonable to think that consumers will have this in mind and set their expectations accordingly.

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Yes, exactly my point of view. I purchased a reloop beatpad to use with one of my many android devices but unfortunately precue doesn’t work on any of them.

I contact support who seem to be oblivious to the issue and blame it on the adapter that I was using. I purchase two more adapters and neither of those work and I still have the same problem.

I search the internet for a solution and end up on this forum. I am then shocked to find out that this problem has been known about for years and years. I would never have purchased the equipment and wasted so much money had this information been provided by Algoriddim.

I forwarded the links from this forum to the Algoriddim team and then they suddenly realised what I was talking about and said they were working on a fix. I then didn’t hear anymore from them. I pestered them for an update but my emails were ignored at this point.

I litterally purchased a controller years ago and was never able to use it. To me, the product was mis-sold to me because if you can’t pre-cue the next track it’s totally useless.

I have recently discovered a workaround and have used my, now quite old controller.

No, that is incorrect. That long list of threads is the same problem that many people have mentioned over the years.

This is the problem that I have also experienced. I searched this forum to see if I could find a solution but there isn’t one. It was never addressed.

The problem was first mentioned in 2015 I believe but there was never a response and the thread closes after a year of inactivity.

You said that you djay at a professional level so I’m sure you can appreciate that not having the ability to precue the next track means that the software and hardware is totally useless and to that end should not be advertised with expensive price tags as a professional setup.

If you look at each one of those threads, you will see the amount of people that have purchased equipment only to find out that it doesn’t work, again dating back to 2015, maybe beyond. Algoriddim still state that certain controllers are natively supported on the android platform but this is not true.

It would appear that the long running problem will never get fixed. Recently one of the algoriddim staff came forward and pretty much confirmed this. They possibly should have done this years ago so I could have returned the controller but unfortunately I was lead to believe it would be fixed.

So yeah, thats the issue of not being able to use headphones when djaying. The other issue is the “set beat grid” issue, however, I mentioned this months ago and nobody has even acknowledged it. It’s almost as if the unsolvable precue issue has lead to the Algoriddim team completely disregarding the android platform and it’s users.

I see people post problems about both, the apple and windows version of the app and the Algoriddim team seem much more willing to help.

All these threads are regarding the headphones not working when using a controller on the android platform.

To my mind I cant see how this has been a problem for this length of time and for the google play page to still have this information

Hello Slak,

not to forget my personal topic: How can I restore missing tracks in a playlist? - #18 by Slak_Jaw

Thank you for your answer. You seem to try to do your job properly.

The point that you’re a small team and cannot fix every immediately is not my main problem. Well to be honest, if there are too many bugs related on Algoriddim, DJay Pro won’t be a software for professional users anymore.

My main problem is: the poor way Algoriddim is communicating with their customer. If you can’t fix the problem immediately, then please communicate this. Tell me: “Okay, give us some time to fix that problem”. Otherwise: “I see, you have a bug, but we are not going to fix this problem for a while because we right now it’s more important to us to put the effort in the enhancement for Djay Pro for Windows” But don’t do ghosting! This is super rude, super unprofessional!"

The last sentences is adressed to your team, to your bosses not to you personally. Let themn know what I think.



Not your immediate solution, but give it a thought in future: Move away from Android/Windows djay into an apple device you can afford. You can look for more details why this is a preferred route for many people in the djay pro AI facebook page.
Disclaimer: I am NOT an apple fanboy.

That is one option I suppose but not for me. I would rather move away from Djay and use different software.

@DJDS thanks for linking your original post. I’ll go read through it and see if I can shed some new light on it and find out what’s going on.

I 100% hear your frustration regarding communication. My apologies - I was unaware of this. Clearly, we need to do better in this area. Thanks for bringing it to my attention and rest assured that I will be discussing this with the support team.

@SnAkEs1210 thanks for the additional background and explanations. My apologies - not being a Android user, I didn’t fully understand the extent of the issues. Again, we need to do better communicating the issues/limitations/challenges with the platform. I will discuss this with the support team to see what improvements can be made in this area. Thanks again for drawing my attention to this!

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